Sign our new petition to protect people and parks in Seattle

Sign the new petition to Save Seattle Parks!

The shocking humanitarian crisis in Seattle PARKS

These photos show the shocking and heartbreaking living conditions that thousands of people in Seattle are living in. These conditions exist five years after Seattle and King County declared a ‘homeless state of emergency‘. In 2021 we need to take decisive action to protect our most vulnerable residents, our parks and our shared environment. Our petition urges King County and Seattle to treat this crisis as a true emergency and provide clean, safe bridge shelter options now.

Denny Park
The children’s play area at Albert Davis Park
Albert Davis Park
Camps on the banks of Seattle’s Green Lake threaten water quality and wildlife
Green Lake Park
Fires have been common in tents as people struggle to stay warm and cook meals
Woodland Park
Ballard Commons Park
Denny Park
Denny Park
A tree planted decades ago has a bicycle frame nailed to it at Denny Park
A Downtown Playground
In the Shadows of T-Mobile Park

It’s time for a true emergency response to this crisis

Surplus Non-Park Properties in King County

We know what to do. Every year communities all across America effectively respond to homelessness caused by floods, fires, and earthquakes. In the same way, we can create and utilize safe bridge shelter options such as hotel rooms, tiny home villages, Pallet shelters, and sanctioned tent communities in thousands of non-park properties available in King County to quickly provide affordable, voluntary, safe shelter. In a parallel effort, let’s rapidly build out Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) for the chronically homeless in our communities. A key to the success and acceptance of this solution is that welcoming communities regain their clean, safe, and healthy parks and public spaces.

Sign the new petition to Save Seattle Parks!

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Save Seattle Parks

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